A proper business card is absolutely important for entrepreneurs. If you are only starting and do not have a lot of budgets, perhaps hiring a graphic designer is quite heavy for you. Don't worry, even if you design your business card on your own without much experience, surely you can still get it great if you take note of these tips: 

1. Impression 

Take note that a business card should be able to make a strong impression upon first notice. When the recipient of your business card get their hands on it, your business card should be able to come off strong and let them know what kind of company you are representing. Keeping this in mind, you should be able to try to grasp the general idea of how you want to design your business card later on. 

2. Content 

A business card is small, and undoubtedly it cannot contain a lot of information. Before you actually begin on your business card designing, you should be able to list the necessary information that needs to be present on your business card. In general, a business card should include your company name and logo, your name and job title or position, your e-mail, phone number, and company website or social media handle where people can discover more about you. 

3. Colors and Text 

Colors and text are two important elements in your design that support effective and strong brand awareness in your customers or clients as well as business relations and affiliations. Make sure that the colors and text included for your design of business card can represent your company well. It is best to keep everything uniform and coherent with the other stationery of your company so that people can easily associate your business card with your business. 

Of course, text does not only mean the choice of font. It also is important to ensure legibility. For a legible business card, you need to keep the font size not too big and of course not too small to ensure the comfort of reading. Try to keep it between 8-12 pts for the best outcome. 

4. Paper Stock 

Aside from the design itself, choosing a great paper stock can make an impressive business card. Paper stock usually refers to premium type of paper for business card printing which is generally thicker and more durable than the common paper. Some of these paper stocks are colored, textured, and made out of different materials that offer different feel and impression. Choose one that best suits the style or theme of your business card as well as your preferences and the kind of impression you want to make on the recipient of your business card. 

5. High Quality Printing 

You won't be able to get high quality business card outcome if you print your business card with a common office printer. Surely, you need to leave the job to a professional printing service with their proper equipment and polished skills in business card printing. You can also choose finishes that enhance the quality of your name card further as well as its looks.