A company chop is a piece of office equipment that you must have when your company or organization already has legal matters. It has been around for many years, in fact, in the past, this company chop was made of wood. Until now, a variety of alternative materials have been developed. With a company chop affixed to a document, the document is authentic and legal. Company chops can vary both in terms of shape or design. This is because a company chop only applies to one company and between one company and another has its respective company chop. In terms of size, it is a relatively small size since it will take a small proportion from a document. It is necessary to pay attention to the following things to make a company chop, bear with me till the end. 

1. Look for Legal Terms in Your Country or Area 

As with the existing regulations in each country or region, the same applies to company chops. Which may also have certain regulations in your area. Make sure you know this in advance. Because by doing so, you will be doing the right thing first, making the process money and time-efficient.  

2. Logo Design and Writing on Company Chop 

The company logo and writing that you will put on the company chop need to be made well. Consider why you decided to save or style the logo in such a way. In addition, you also have to come to an agreement with your business partners, fellow shareholders, or company owners. Consult a graphic designer if you can, you will get more insights. 

3. The Right Size  

The size of the company chop needs to be made no bigger than the document in general, and also not too small. If so, its either the company chop would not be as valid and hard to read. You want to avoid miscommunication with the authorities, right? Then make sure you create the right size. The size that usually being used is a rectangle or round with a diameter of 22mm. 

4. Selection of the Type of Material 

The choice of the type of material is no less important than the manufacture of the company chop itself. You want your company chop to last for a long time, right? Therefore, you should use the best materials available. The more durable, the better, since the company chop is not an official requirement that is only used once or twice, but a lot more time to use it. For a short reference, you can use a material combination of plastic and metals. That way, you should have a long-lasting company chop. 

So, that's a guide that you can use when you want to create a Singapore company chop. Keep in mind that every official document, letter, work contract, or cooperation contract, which is issued on behalf of a company, including certificates, can use company chops, even necessary for the most part.