Consider the pattern of design the client indicated or prefers to be on the wallpaper design. The pattern can influence the color of the wallpaper design. The wallpaper design patterns' size will determine the type of color, whether relaxed or bright colors. It must be stylishly integrated to deliver an excellent wallpaper design. 

When designing wallpaper for a client, especially when it will be used as a physical wallpaper in the room, the client's personality needs to be considered before choosing colors. A hyperactive person, for instance, requires a gentle color to level his hyperactivity, while a cool person may get a bright color to step up his dull nature. It is all about making it more personal for the client. 

Also, the room or office's lighting is part of the things to consider when choosing the color of the wallpaper designs. Although the color of the light in the room can be changed, the room contrast cannot be changed. It can only be worked with to deliver a lovely design effect for the room. 

So, suppose you are a graphic designer working on a wallpaper design for a client or yourself. In that case, it will earn you respect for professionalism when you consider these things and then deliver a great job that perfectly fits into the room or space it is intended.