Many names have been given to this lightweight and elegant poster and signboard. On the other hand, Foamboard is recognized for its limitless flexibility in terms of projects and shows. Furthermore, foam board printing is simple to do, cheap, and looks amazing. In this article, we will be taking a look at everything you should know about foam boards. 

Let's begin with the fundamentals of foam boards.  

The Concept of Foam Board 

A Foam board is a printing medium that consists of two sheets of matte paper sandwiched between two layers of thick foam core. The foam board is mainly made of polystyrene, one of the most popular types of plastic used to produce styrofoam. Since the polystyrene core contains about 95 percent of air, they are incredibly light. Foam boards are one of the most cost-effective printing and display products on the market today. Because of their low cost, they are ideal for short-term or large-scale projects. 

Printing Custom Foam Board Signs 

Signs printed on foam boards are best used for temporary purposes. A perfect example of temporary foam board signage is for a business sale or special events. Another ideal use for foam board signage is to promote upcoming activities like an auction. Presentations may also benefit from the use of foam boards as a visual aid.  

These signs are often used at conferences to indicate which conference rooms are being used for a seminar. Companies will use foam board signs at their booth to advertise their products while exhibiting at a tradeshow. In any of these instances, the boards are only used once or for a few days. If you don't take care of your foam boards, they can get damaged, so be careful when transporting them.  

Foam Board Cutting Techniques  

Since foam board is rigid but not thick, cutting it is a straightforward operation. Designers may use a knife, saw, or router to cut foam boards into any shape or size. It's an excellent choice for life-size standee cutouts because of this. You may use more detailed methods for more complex cuts or smaller foam core projects like architectural models.  

Cutting foam boards should be done with care and only with the right tools. The easiest way to cut foam core needs a few tools and can be achieved without the help of professionals for the most part. You'll need a modeling knife with plenty of sharp blades, a machinist's square, a metal yardstick, a big piece of cardboard, and a flat work table to cut foam core on your own. 

Foam board is a lightweight and attractive material that most artists, photographers, and exhibitors use to show their work for short-term, promotional, or personal purposes because of its low cost and attractiveness. Foam board poster printing is also a perfect way to view album artwork or movie posters in your home if you have a favorite band or movie. It concludes everything you should know about foam board printing