For business entity in many parts of the world, company chop or company stamp has been an essential tool to conduct business. A company chop, traditionally made out of rubber, is a stamp that is used to authorize document. Every company has their own stamp design that best represent their branding, but usually company’s name, company’s logo, company’s registration number, and company’s address are imprinted on the stamp.  

In Singapore, although company stamp is no longer a mandatory for business, it’s still being widely used in business practice. There are several reasons why company stamp is beneficial to business practice and why people are still using it. 

1. To Authorize Document 

The main function of company stamp is to authorize document such as legal agreement, contracts, deeds, sales transaction, or other correspondence purposes. A company stamp is considered to have legal binding thus only authorized people can hold and use the stamp. It is important to ensure that there will be no misappropriation of company stamp that can be harmful to the company. The stamp is usually hold by president of a company. 

2. To Save Time 

Usually, a company has multiple stamps with different use and different authorized personnel. One of them is a stamp used for simple office tasks like certifying simple document, marking a return address, for branding purposes, and many more. Company stamp is a perfect way to save time efficiently while still looking professional.  

3. To Affirm Company Decisions 

When a document is signed by certain person, then it means the person hold responsibility to the contents of the said document. The signature represents the person’s agreement to the contents. But when the document is stamped with a company stamp, it represents the agreement of the whole company. That’s why company stamp that holds this power can only be used by authorized personnel since each impression affirms company’s decision. 

4. To Show Company Accountability 

Similar with previous point, when a document is stamped by a company, it means that the company willingly takes responsibility of its contents and legal consequences. In this case, a company stamp can reassure all involved parties in any kind of business deals.  

5. To Improve Brand Awareness 

Nowadays, brand plays a major role for business entity. A reputable brand will give your company a good boost in sales. A company stamp which contains company’s important short information can be a good use to improve your company’s brand awareness. The stamp can be used in all products that you sell so customers can recognize your company easily. 

  Those are five benefits of a company stamp for your business. Despite being phased out in Singapore business practice, it is still a good investment to create your own company chop Singapore. One day, you might need a company stamp when you strike a deal with foreign company like China who still requires company stamp to make a business agreement.  

If you still don’t have a company stamp, it is a good sign for you to start designing your own stamp and hit up trusted stamp maker company to produce your stamp. Better late than never!