Here we will discuss some significant benefits of digital wallpaper over paint which has made digital wallpaper trending over the years:  

Wallpaper's Durability: Digital wallpapers are cleanable; that's why they are long-lasting and durable to meet the need of different lifestyles.

It is also stated that wallpaper can last five times longer than paint under average used conditions. A painted wall will have cracks over time and will need repairing and repainting from time to time, requiring more work.

At the same time, an average wallpaper has a life span of almost 10-15 years after it is installed. Wallpaper can also cover any hole or crack in the wall, which paint can't do. That's why digital wallpapers are preferred to use.  

Easy Installation and Removal: Some people have misconceptions about wallpapers that are difficult t install. They will be stuck with the wall forever, and it will cause trouble while removing it. But that is not the case.

Digital wallpaper has innovation in the method of its installation. You apply the paste to the wall and directly put the wallpaper on the wall. And it will automatically stick to the wall.

It is also as easy to remove wallpaper as it is to install it. You pull it from a corner, and it will be removed from the wall without creating any mess.  

It Gives Life To The Walls and Space: Styles from past decades may not have a wide variety of colors, patterns, textures, but now digital wallpaper can have any style, design, color, and texture to appeal to people, individuals from any generation.

Wallpaper brings warmth, life, and depth to a room that cannot be done with just paint. You can present your personality and style with customised wallpaper sticker printing in your room or space.

For example, wallpapers with metallic details have a sense of exploration, curiosity, and interaction.