Starting a company, even if it is said with great ease, is not an easy task, but neither is it impossible. 

Even though in the face of this challenge some choose to operate "without registration" because they believe that this will exempt them from certain responsibilities implicit in the process; the truth is that they are actually losing great possibilities of starting their project with solid advantages that companies and businesses with legal status enjoy. 

Company registration guarantees the protection of your trademark 

Why Should I Register Your Company? 

This is one of the questions often asked by those about to operate on a commercial level. There are still as many myths about this process as there are incorporated companies. 

If you already have a service proposal or have developed a product that you want to commercialize; and you are determined to form your business company, the next step should be to locate advice on the documentation needed to register with your local or federal entity. Although company registration is not mandatory, we comment that if you do it, it will be very helpful in several aspects: 

You Will Be Able To Have A Business Bank Account  

Where your clients will be able to make each payment; and with which you will manage to keep your personal finances separate from your business. In this way the payment of taxes is clearer and easier 

You Will Have Access To Excellent Contracts 

Companies registered by their own legal status have the proper documentation required to obtain contracts with government and private entities.

Registration is the best indicator of confidence for third parties to take the step to operate with your company; reducing the threat of fraud by 90%. 

You Will Be Able To Offer Stability To Your Employees 

The credibility of a company or enterprise is as important to customers as it is to the employees themselves. Workers who know they are protected by the law and have good insurance will be better off.

In addition, you will be free from any conflict over payment issues since you will do so according to the law. 

Company registration will help you to access a state identification number. Through this number you will be able to process your employees' state taxes.