Typography Is Meaningful (Cont.)

Monospaced typefaces makes use of coding and computer program to offer a technological vibe to a design. Script fonts are more handwritten and personal but can be different from sharp modern brush lettering to fancy and ornate calligraphy. Black letter has to do with the Gothic era and is a bit moody, creeper and darker. There are various connotations connected with the typeface you use, understand and select why you are making use of each and what message it will give to the reader. 

Typography Makes Something Beautiful 

You can use typography to make your text beautiful. It creates a beautiful work of art. Therefore you can use it for decoration purposes. It helps you design something aesthetically nice for your consumers. 

Typography Is Versatile in Graphic Design 

Typography is applicable to many contexts in graphic design. From the making of your website, to making of apps, documents, emails, packaging, signage, posters, social media and logo, it has a more versatile use and is a crucial element of graphic design. It consists of a large percentage of the identity of your brand. 

It Influences User Experience 

Typography influences the user experience of your brand with words. Whether your text displays as a text of TV ad, it is an experience to search for your product's name or website. Branding summarises your customer experience and typography has such influence on this. Low contrast and small font sizes are disruptive for web users. It causes bad experiences and bad connotations of your brand.