It is a fact that we are constantly on our phones, spending a lot of time in it either working or just having fun on our free time. If you have an idea and would love to draw a sketch, it is best to have some tools at hand. In the last few years, mobile apps have developed and improved a lot and it is not necessary for us to spend hours in front of the computer to create original sticker or logo designs.  

1. Canva. 

This one is available for either iOS or Android and it is very basic and easy to work with. Its web version is well-known because it is a free alternative for those that are in need of a design tool (of course, their premium version has a lot more to offer), but their mobile app it is helpful for those that are looking to have a simple software to edit or put together elements in order to make your own logo to share on social media or for them to later become printing stickers. 

2. Adobe Spark Post.  

It is similar to Canva because it allows you to get crazy with their templates and create amazing designs which later could be shared on the web or save them on your phone to use whenever you want. You can download it on both iOS or Android, and you can modify the dimensions of your sketch for each social media you need. 

3. Sketchbook  

For those that are looking for tools to make their own illustrations, this one is a great option (and you can get it for free). Sketch your ideas with this free app and start drawing and painting with their pencils and brushes. It is not as easy as other tools and it may take you some time to understand how it works, but it will definitely help you out to create the most colorful and amazing designs! 

4. Adobe Comp 

This app will let you play with fonts, shapes, and images to achieve the perfect design. It has tons of things to work with, and designers have tons of options to develop the greatest logos using it. It is easy and useful. It works only for Android devices, and it also allows you to sync your work with another device in case you want to keep working from your computer. 

5. Ibis Paint X 

Very popular among artists, this app that is available for Android phones counts with many tools, such as a large range of fonts and brushes. It is recommended for beginners, which can try their free version. Of course, the premium one has a lot more to offer. This may be your opportunity to start designing your own printing stickers now!