Best Alternatives for Wedding Invitation Card


For a wedding invitation, the card stock is just as crucial as the design.

Even a plain style can be made spectacular with the right card stock. On the other hand, without the right card stock, even the fanciest concept won't look as fine as it could be.

So, if you want to make an invitation card that stands out, the kind of card stock you choose is critical.


Here are some of the most stunning card stocks to remember when printing your invitations.


1. Felt Card Stock

If you prefer a thicker, more sturdy invitation card, the felt card stock is an excellent option.

Don't worry, however. And if you intend to print it on your home printer, considering its thickness, you can still process the felt card stock with it.


2. Parchment Card Stock

If you want a semi-translucent card stock with a marbled appearance, parchment paper is the recommended one for you.  Since it is not thick, this card stock is light and subtle. To give your invitation card more dimension, layer parchment card stock with vellum or cotton card stock.


This one is ideal for wedding invitation cards because it has an exquisite appearance and feels.


3. Canvas Card Stock

Canvas card stock is another choice if you want a thicker card stock that isn't as heavy as felt card stock.

When contrast to other varieties of card stocks, the canvas card stock has a textured appearance.

You won't have any problems printing it at home because it isn't that thick, so it can go through regular printers. However, if you want better results, have it printed at a printing service.


4. Linen Card Stock

If you're looking for a delicate texture, the linen card is a good option because it resembles woven linen and has a matte finish that makes it feel graceful and elegant.


With this paper or card stock choice, you have a range of colour options.


5. Cotton Card Stock

Cotton card stock is one of the most widely used types of card stock for wedding invitations because it is smooth and absorbent, making it one of the better choices for laser printer printing.  You may create a sturdy invitation card with an elegant appearance using cotton card stock. Cotton card stock is normally available in grey, ivory, and white, which is very small, so make sure the design and embellishment will compensate.


Note to explore all of your card stock choices before making a decision. Do not only choose it based on looks, but also quality and durability. Plan ahead of time to ensure a great-looking invitation card for your visitors, including the type of printing design and finishes that complement the type of card stock.


Aside from choosing the material for the invitation itself, you should also find the design that matches it and the concept. That way, you can get a wedding invitation card that looks professionally done, impressive, and is capable of piquing your guests' interest.