You never know when and where your next business deal lies. That is why you have to reach out to increase the chances of getting more deals. A name card is a good way to do this. It may not be the only one, but it is a significant one!

The more name cards you have out there the higher your likelihood to make more business deals. But, your name card has to be striking to be more effective. Appealing name cards sell more than averagely looking ones. To make an impressive name card you need a proper application. Below are some of the best apps you can use to create a name card. 

Business Card Maker 

I’ve used this app severally and was impressed all that time. The app is easy to use and has advanced features to utilize. You can purchase more themes when need be. The app is free on play store as well as plug and play. You need no tutorial to master its usage. 


This one is easy to use. You get all the features you need to personalize your name cards from this app. Once your design is ready, it is easy to transform the same to a hard copy. 

This is a free platform you can use to make names cards. Once your business card is ready you can get a printable PDF. This you should adjust on the margins when printing and ensure you get the right sizes. The only challenge with this one is the fact that you only get one-page prints. There alternatives that let you design front and back pages of a name card. That notwithstanding, you will get an overall good name card. 

Design Mantic 

This name card maker is special because it gives you modern templates to choose from. The best thing is the fact that you can personalize these templates. Once done, you can download or print your name card. The other good thing about this app is the fact that your name card template has both front and back sides. That makes it easy for the builder because all you need to do is personalize the name card. 


This is a leading provider of graphic design platforms. If you need design services, Canva is a run to platform. This app has all the features you need to pull up a good name card. You can upload images as well as edit them while working on your business card. 

Business Card Land 

Please use this name card developer. The platform is easy to use and provides multiple features for your utility. 


There are plenty of apps for an appealing namecard printing making experience. We have six on our list you can try. There are more, even quality ones, you can find on research. Name cards are an easy way to build your brand and that is why you need a good app for making your card.