A name card is all about impression. The last thing you want to experience is meet your business card torn into pieces and binned. Well, there are simple things you could do to avoid that. The little details matter. Appearance is everything. If you do a bad job on this, the name card receiver will find no reason to check the other details. Instead, he/she will simply discard the name card. People want something appealing; or rather people do not appreciate poor work. Below are things to be conscious of when making a business card. 


The font of your name card determines so much. Your personal details ought to balance correctly on a printed name card. The right size font will enable this. You also want to avoid extra-large fonts that will make your name appear conspicuous. The size of your fonts should be relative to that of the card. The bigger the card the bigger the fonts should be; although it may get a point where the font size does not increase with increase in the size of the name card. 

Other than the font size, the font you apply matters, you should use standard fonts like Book Antiqua, Times New Roman and perhaps Calibri. You are free to choose others of your liking but remember not to overdo things. The more standard your choices, the more outstanding your name card will be. 

Font styles 

There are different styles one can apply on text. You could Bold, Italicize, or underline the fonts. If well used, these options could make your name card appealing. The reverse is true. Using the wrong style where it shouldn’t be makes your work worse. That is why you should be keen on the application of these styles. 

There are more styles that can come out of the three major ones, for instance, the double striking or double underlining and many other styles. Some people leave out these styles and use plain text which makes their name cards too plain. 

Font spacing 

Space utilization is a powerful tool only a few are aware of. You need both head room and side room for your words. Indentation defines the side room. Enough space for words starting sentences will do you justice. You also need space between your first sentence and the name card edges. 

The words on the name card should be perfectly fitted for a good outlook. The space on the margins of the name card should balance well. Indentation should also be taken seriously and balanced for a better outlook. 


Name cards are appealing if some things are done perfectly. The font size you use for your words shape how the card will appear. The font, and font styles you utilize ensures your card is personalized to an appearance you will enjoy. And when it comes to choosing fonts, go for a font that is standard and commonly used. That will help the receivers relate well with the name card printing