Instagram is a nice place to generate fonts. Its got millions of people who use it, for communication with friends, advertising and so on. Nevertheless advertising on Instagram involves some typography. This is because Instagram is a platform that uses more of images and videos. You can place banners on Instagram and generate fonts that tell people this is your product or service. This post tells you the best font generators on Instagram. With these font generators you can customise text in your comments, captions and bio. There are various font generators you can use on Instagram to make it unique. 

Why Use Font Generators on Instagram? 

If your business makes more use of text, it is not enough to use photographs. You have to use the fonts too to make them stand out, however you can only choose from a few fonts available on Instagram, that's why you have to use an Instagram generator. Such generators let you customise the fonts to prove the photos, including appealing quotes and promote ads. The font generators are below: 


If you are looking for a customized font that is cute, Instafont is suitable. It is a font generator that has more 90 fonts, which are user-generated. It means it has unique text that can beatify your social profile. You can visit them here

Instagram Fonts 

With Instagram Fonts you can select from stylish, bold, italic, emojis, characters or fonts that has decor. This will enable you say bye to boring bios, copy and paste the fonts for something more appealing in minutes. You can express yourself with these special characters and emojis. You can visit them here

Sprezz Keyboard (users only iOS) 

This is applicable if you are always using mobile. With this application you can spruce the content of your Instagram using a snap. You don't have to use desktop. You can visit them here

Fontify (Android only) 

Android can spice up their content and profile with these fonts. Type in your text, select the font you want and paste it on social media. You can visit them here