2. Helvetica 

Have you used Helvetica before? Maybe some people who use Mac are more familiar with this font. Actually, this font is one of the San Serif fonts that loved by many typographers and designers! Helvetica has clean lines and a modern look that make it widely used including on name card, wedding invitation card, or even on famous company logos such as BMW and Panasonic. That is why you should consider using it for your resume. Besides, since Helvetica is included on the Mac, that doesn't mean non-Mac users cannot use Helvetica. You can also buy it and use it on your Windows.  

3. Calibri 

If you have experiences in using the old Microsoft Word series, will probably remember that Times New Roman was replaced by Calibri as the default font in Microsoft Word. Calibri is a San Serif font that is light, clear, and easy to read. That is why we recommend this font for writing your resume!  

4. Garamond 

So, another recommendation for you is Garamond! This font is perfect for those of you who want to use an old and classic style font for your resume. Plus, by using Garamond, you can write more text on your resume without sacrificing spacing and font size.  

5. Georgia 

This font can be another alternative to Times New Roman. Georgia is a Serif font that can make your resume look classic yet trendy at the same time. Also, since Georgia is created to be easy to read on a computer, it is ideal for your digital resume!