Making a name card can be hard and easy at the same time. It becomes easy when you use already established templates to design your card and leverage research and creative works made available for others. On the other hand, making these cards can be a challenge. This is true especially if you choose to design them from scratch. 

There are some things your card should constitute. Since it may not be your field of expertise, you may leave out these details without your knowledge. Templates have all these details including and all that is required of you is to edit the design and customize it with your personal details. 

You should not settle for just any other template. You have to choose the best and work with it. Remember first impression is everything. That is why you need to do your best to give the best first impression and that is possible if you select the right template. Below are some of the templates you could work with to bring out the best name card designs. 

Creative design business card 

Much as you want a standard card, you do not want something so generic that will turn off your potential client. Your card needs a touch of your uniqueness to attract even more. The creative design business card template lets you add a magic touch to your name card design. That is why it is the better option for you if you are good in design. The template lets you utilize your creativity and come up with a masterpiece. 

Creative and clean 

I love this one because of its simplicity. Besides, you get the chance to personalize it as you wish. You can even add your personal picture and get a QR scan code. The template is as good as it gets. This will help you get a name card that’s super effective. You can be certain a number of people receiving this card will get back to you seeking your services. 

Purple and blue 

This is quite a unique one yet restrictive. You only have purple and blue colors on the name card as the name suggests. In addition, you have a white patch where you’re supposed to key in your personal details. Purple and blue colors are great ones although it depends on the services you offer. 

The template can work well if you offer design services or less official ones. Well, at the end of the day it is up to you to choose which template to settle for. Generally, it is a good one. 

Colored pencils 

This is the best for those offering design services. The colored pencils name card template looks unique and you can be certain the receiver will take care of it. Besides, he/she will never forget you as the card stand out. 


 Name cards are a good way to reach out especially in business settings. That is why you need the best templates to produce a great name card for you to stand out.