How to design business cards, name cards, flyers or a logo without hiring a professional graphic designer? When you start your business, the question of creating visuals to advertise your activity may arise. And precisely, there are simple tools that you will find on the internet to create your visuals for free and without having any particular knowledge in graphics. 

Of course, graphic design is a real profession, but it is now possible to edit photos, add text to images using free graphic design websites. Some of them even offer “ready-to-use” templates that you just need to modify in a few clicks to obtain a perfectly suitable visual. 

Here are 3 Free Tools for your Graphic Designs That You Can Use Depending on Your Needs. 

Graphic Design Tool: Canva

Canva allows you to create visuals of all kinds. The platform is completely intuitive and offers many models. Based on a drag-and-drop system, it is perfectly suitable for the needs of independent entrepreneurs. With just a few clicks you can design flyers, a logo, business cards, posters, brochures, greeting cards, etc. 

If you are using social media to market and grow your self-business then Canva is the right tool. The website offers templates specifically adapted to social networks in order to quickly and easily design a Facebook cover or a post on Instagram, for example. 

In addition, the platform offers a large photo library, part of which is free, the other paid (count $ 1 per image) as well as many fonts to express all your creativity. 

The free version is very easy to use and meets most expectations. Without great graphic knowledge you will be able to obtain perfectly suitable visuals. There is a paid Pro version for those who want to go further. 

Canva app is available on iOS and Android for those who prefer to work from their smartphones. 

Visual Creation Tool: Adobe Spark

The famous publisher of the well-known suite of graphics software (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.), Adobe, has also developed its free visual creation tool. 

If you don't feel like trying to learn more powerful software like Photoshop then Adobe Spark is a great option. The tool is very comparable to Canva or other similar platforms. You can create any kind of visual from pre-sized templates as well as edit images to print or share on social media. The best thing about Adobe Spark is being able to put your voice on video animations. However, do not expect a Disney result! 

The only downside is that the visuals display the “Adobe Spark” logo that you can only remove by switching to the paid version. 

Image Creation Tool: GRAVIT 

Gravit is a graphic creation tool that can be suitable for both beginners and experienced designers. It has the particularity of offering two very distinct creation tools: 

- Gravit Klex, which is similar to Canva or Adobe Spark and is intended for the general public looking for an easy-to-use platform to work on their visuals. The choice of templates is inferior to that of its competitors but remains, however, quite correct. 

- For more sophisticated designers, the platform offers Gravit Designer, which offers advanced vector drawing functions that provide more professional quality. There are tutorials in English that will help you to become familiar with and make the best use of the software to design your own unique business card printing.