The art of choosing inks is something of its own in stamping. You can choose from various choices. This post tells you the best inks for stamping. There are different types of ink.

Things to Check Out in an ink 

  • Colour: What is the colour of the colour of this ink and do they have reinkers? Do they have range of colours for stamping in layers. 
  • Simplicity: Is the stamp a simple and press one? Is it something that involves adding pressure on the ink pad to bring out the ink? Does the ink dry out or leak fast? 
  • What are the sizes of the ink pad? 
  • Coverage: Do the ink have coverage? How does it cover when it is dry and stamped? Is it uneven or splotchy? 

Using dye inks 

The ink is thinner than that of the pigment ink and is more transparent too. It dries faster and absorbs paper. It is a firmer ink pad than that of the pigment ink. The ink pad consists of felt. The stamps have a lighter colour than that of the ink pad. Dye ink pads display a darker colour. Dye inks are the most popular for card makers. 

Pigment inks 

Pigment inks are thicker than that of the dye ink. They have more opaque and dries at a longer time. Pigment ink stays on top of the paper and is softer. It resembles a wet sponge and has a true colour, that's the colour of its ink pad is the colour that gets stamped. Since it takes more time to dry and have more thickness you may heat emboss the pigment ink. It is more fade resistant when you compare it with dye inks and is more preferable for scrapbooking. 

Distress ink 

This type of ink is terrible when it comes to stamping. You can use various techniques like water colouring, distressing, shading and blending. It is reactive to water applicable for tone and fonts. 

Best inks you can choose from 

Catherine Pooled inks 

This is a dye ink. It has a new line and is nice for inking. It gives a clear and nice stamping with some heat embossing. The difference with it is that it is on foam pad with a felt pad. It has a crisp image. 

Hero Arts Shadow Inks 

This can stamp splotchy, however when it gets dry, the paper absorbs the ink to bring out the stamped image. They have various colours. You may have to buy them online and select colours.

Colour box ink 

This is made by Clearsnap and is a pigment ink. You can find them at many craft stores. If you don't stamp on a regular basis, get a multicolor pallet or metal port that enables you to use various colours. 

Memento Luxe ink 

This is a pigment ink and its brand is from Tsukimeko. It has many colours. 

Crisp and distress oxide ink 

Crisp ink has crisp and nice images, with its full coverage when you use it. It has beautiful colours that you can layer. Distress ink is used to blend inks and is not applicable for stamping. With minis there is a great collection for you to choose from. 

Versamark and Ginak inks 

Versamark inks are suitable for heat embossing and it does not dry fast with its great coverage. They are available in various stores. Gina inks have mini and regular cubes.  

These are the best rubber stamp inks you can choose from.