If you are thinking of starting your graphic design service and thinking about which laptop is best for the job, you are on the right page. That's what this piece is all about. Kindly take your time to read to the end. In this piece, I will be discussing six features to check out on any laptop to determine if it is a good fit for the job. 

Operating System (OS) 

It is what determines the capability of the laptop. I would recommend Windows from Microsoft or macOS from Apple. You may also check Google's Chrome OS.  


It is what determines how much you can do concurrently on your laptop. While this is important, you can buy a laptop with a smaller RAM; you can always upgrade it to a higher one.  


Technically, this is the brain of the laptop. It is called the central processing unit. For your graphic design, you will need a good, fast, and powerful processor. A quad-core is a good choice. You may also check the extreme series processor. 

Laptop Storage 

Here you will need to choose from two available options. These are solid-state (SSD) and hard disk (HDD). Solid-state drives (SSD) are faster, lighter, and more durable. They are found on new laptops. Hard disk drives (HDD) have more capacity and are cheaper but may come with more complications. So, the choice is yours to make here.  

Laptop Battery Life 

Your laptop's battery life is quite important, especially if you are like a graphic designer who loves working outside their workspace. If it's a place without plugs, you will need good battery life. So, keep this in mind. You can as well think about a laptop power bank, but it's too early for that. Focus on the battery life that will serve you.  

Laptop Screen 

For graphic designers, a good laptop screen means a bigger screen and one that displays vibrant colors. For a bigger screen, you will need to choose how big you want it. Although the bigger the screen, the better but this is dependent on the space you have and how much strength you have to carry it about.  

Apart from these six features, there is one crucial thing you need to consider. It has to do with your budget. How much are you planning to spend on this? You don't need to break the bank to get a good laptop for your graphic design. You can get a good laptop that will fit in with these features with a modest budget.  

I believe this piece must have provided you with the info you need to buy a modest laptop for your graphic design business. If you are finding it hard to make a laptop choice for yourself, here are few examples that you can check out. The Asus Chromebook Flip, Acer Swift 3, Asus TUF A15, Google Pixelbook Go, Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, HP Envy x360, HP Spectre x360, Apple MacBook Air, etc. are great choices. You can go with any of these if you think they are great for you.