Mirage has an elegant font with its multilingual support. It is suitable for a certain projects and has 5 weights, with its lowercase and uppercase letters, punctuation and numbers. You can read it on various contexts like insitu, invitations, fashions, magazines and packaging. It offers 50% off . You can get it for $16. 


Omnes has a rounded font with its sachets and its advertising campaign. It is appealing and can be bookmarked. Omnes supports many languages like Sorbian, Latin, Polish and Afrikaans. You can styles for $45 or get a complete set for $253. 

Helvetica World 

This is among the best professional fonts and you can select from various inspired alternatives. Helvetica might be the best option for you. Helvetica World refers to an updated class of Helvetica with support for writing systems and 102 languages, the font has a lot of potential. 

Gill Sans Nova 

Gill Sans Nova has a large character set that keeps a British character. It has up to 43 fonts that supports Cyrillic, Greek and Latin. The display weight can support Latin slanting from £49. 

Greta Sans 

This multilingual font has up to 10 weights available in 3 widths. It can handle complex typography, supporting up to 217 languages, including Hebrew. It includes Korean and Thai scripts. It has a full font costing €1400 and single font costing €72. 

Google Noto 

Google Noto got its name from No to derived from 'no more tofu'.  It targets support for multiple languages. Google Noto supports 582 languages in 237 regions with up to 72 styles. You can download with one click and get support. 


This script font is suitable with its classy calligraphy, but can be readable and clean. It can be used through various design and publishing software, and has ligatures galore, alternates and glymphs. It is multilingual support too, with a subscription of (€14.5/m).