Name card designs can be hard to find sometimes. From the different materials people use to make the cards, the varying cuts used and the unique designs people apply; it can be hard to find a balance that works for you. But, you can follow a particular procedure and manage to come up with a great idea for designing your name card well. Below are some of the ideas you could try out. 

1. Oval Cards 

I guess you’ve not seen an oval card before. Well, that’s why you could try making one. You can be sure they will stand out. Your guest has perhaps not seen one too. The oval shape is a great way to stand out. It is also easy to make but may cost you some amount. That is why you need to set aside a proper budget for the cards. 

There’s another thing about the oval cards. It’s hard to find designers making oval cards. But, if you look well you can be sure to find one. They may be more expensive to procure oval cards but it’s worth the sacrifice. One guarantee about oval cards is that they will be effective and the number of guests attending your event will likely be 100% or close. 

2. Thicker Cards 

Name cards should be thicker and rougher in terms of texture. When it comes to look, it should appear softer. The reason for this is to make the cards long lasting and durable. For instance, if your event is to happen several days from now, the card will still be in good shape as you wait for the eventful day. During this waiting period, the card will serve as a reminder. When the date comes, your guests will show up with no one giving an excuse of not remembering the day of the event. Thinner cards may disappoint you because they may tear fast. This will give your guests room to forget about your upcoming event. 

3. Bold Writings 

The writings on your card should be bold enough to strike the memory of your guests. Our minds are built to remember things that stand out. One of the things you want your guest to always remember includes the date and venue of the event. The theme is also important. That is why you want them to remember all these facts. For that reason, you should use bold to leave an impression. 

Now, there’s a caution that comes with this hack. You should not bold everything. That will make the trick not work. The reason why you’re using bold in the first place is to remind the guest of the most important things. The reason for the event can be talked about later, but the date and venue must always be remembered. 


You definitely want the guests to come to your event without being reminded. The namecard will do that for you if you use the right design. The above listed tricks will work the magic.