The Best Places to Distribute Brochures: Part 1

A brochure is something that can promote your product through a piece of paper. This promoting method has been around for a long time. The way to promote your product with brochures is to distribute them to people and hoping they will read it and interested in your product. To make this happen, you have to give it to the right target in the right place. Here are some places that potentially can reach your target market.

Shopping centre
Shopping centres or malls are always crowded with people. You can meet your target at the mall because there are various people of a certain age, status, or job. This is the best place to find your target market. You can stay in one place like at the edge of the escalator or elevator, in front of the store, or entrance. Give them your brochures and tell a little bit of information about your product. You can ask them for a moment to explain about your offer.

Festivals or special events are always full of excited people. You can spread the happiness and give your brochures to them. Not just give them the brochures, you can also build a booth to gain their attention. Make decorations and attractive offers so they want to visit your booth. Also, create a stunning and unique design, so they will glad to receive your brochures. Don’t forget to smile while giving them the brochures. Join some festivals in Singapore to distribute your brochures to your target market.