There are certain platform you can use for making name cards. These are the best softwares for such and that is what this post will tell you. Platforms help in making name cards in a faster or more efficient way. Since the art of designing name cards is a much simpler process you can use various methods to handle it online. Find out answers to questions like 'who will receive this card?', 'who are you giving the card?'. What response do you want from the receiver? The best online platforms for making name cards are below. 

Business Card Maker 

This is among the best card makers you can use. It has card layouts that are colourful. You can edit each of them faster with checks. Move the text boxes around and then upload the logo. 

Design Matic 

Design Matic has various modern templates that you can pick from. When you pick the design, add some personal information, change its text or front and then upload a logo before you print. 

Business Card Land 

This is another hub for making name cards. It is a simple card maker with few processes. First select a layout and then fill in information about your contacts. Customise the template colours. 

Free Logo services 

FreeLogo service offers you various templates of business cards and a logo maker. You can customise templates and sort according to industry to get the best business layout. You can change each element on business and scroll across. 


Canva is another platform where you can make name cards. You can make social media images and business cards with them too. It takes a longer process to make cards with Canva. You can customise your cards with this platform. 

This is another online platform that has a single page maker and a simple one. You can pick the lines to enlarge or bold and preview each of the design and you edit them. 

Business Card Star 

This is among the best makers of name cards. There are large collection of name card layout to select from. Style categorises the layout like ornate or corporate. You can customise your contact information and branding. 


Jukebox lets you create a name card starting from scratch and select from many templates. Note that you can modify each and include contact information and name as the colour of your brand. 

Free Business Card Maker 

This is another online tool from Shopify, with which you can check out your contact information with your logo and then turn it to a name card that is printable and simple. You can generate your design in few seconds and you can put them one. Download a business card maker app with your android.