Brands and marketers apply seeding or product seeding for getting products from a wide audience, to get more sales or attention. A lot of brands use product seeding, gifting strategy or product placement to promote their influencer marketing. This requires a smaller budget to handle. This post tells you the best product seeding strategies. 

What Do You Understand By Product Seeding? 

Product seeding is the branch of influencer marketing in which influencers give their products out, according to their niche or industry. It is a way marketers can get in touch with a hyper-targeted and wider potential customers without involving any traditional influencer marketing. Once you seed a product, you can send it to people that will appreciate it and give it to an audience that shares a common interest. Example if you are into vegan business, you can get influencers who have an audience in vegan-related topics. After you research the potential influencers, begin working out the best products which you can send to them. Product seeding requires more than one person since it is a network of influencers. The tips for product seeding are below. 

Don't Ignore Packaging 

Marketing starts once a parcel gets to the door of an influencer. Package the product well to get a better opinion about your product or brand. Consider the type of people you want to give the product. 

Use social listing: This is a way to find out what people are saying with regards to your brand. When you send products or even free sticker printing to people, they can share it with their audience. 

Personalise it: Certain campaigns on product seeding are not as effective as they should be, since one would have to get a certain amount of influencers. You have to move extra mile to improve a result by practicing personalisation.