Be Subtle With It 

One primary tactics for product seeding is being subtle. The essential thing is to get an influencer to talk about a product of yours without using adverts to make it fit in, in a seamless way. The influencer wears tags and products in a gifting campaign, but the content is referring to a particular logo design brand. 

Generate Reviews 

The aim of this is to create potential sales and buzz. Adding reviews to stories can be a great way to handle product seeding. Brands can get a feature in their feed on Instagram and get full reviews too on their stories. 

Get to Know the Audience 

You have more chance of giving your audience the best products when you know your audience. The influencer is someone that cares for the environment and you can notice this by scrolling on the feed.  

Make the Aesthetics Fit In 

Send an aesthetic that fits in with a person's personal brand. Send products to people who are likely to use them. 

Going extra mile is relevant in product seeding. You can share goods of value as gifts and get in touch with the receiver. Ask him how he used the product and what his experience was. This is a way of going extra mile.