Professionalism is key in the corporate world. It is one of the easiest ways to win over potential employers and business partners. Everything you do or say expresses a lot about your professionalism.

One of the things you need to do to stay professional is walk around with a professional name card. There are different professional name card designs you could choose from. Making that decision becomes easy if you keep the following considerations at the back of your mind. 

Avoid Unnecessary Details 

Some people are tempted to include unnecessary details on a name card. Well, what that does is lose objectivity of the card. Think about a calendar, you only see the year, dates, and month. Sometimes an image is included to make it interesting to look at. That’s called objectivity. If you go to a restaurant, you will see a menu with foods and prices, nothing unnecessary added on. That is the same objectivity your card should have. 

Only have the important details on your name card. That will give the impression you are a professional. Besides, it increases chances of the recipient keeping the card and giving you a call later when they need your services. You should also be careful not to leave out critical information. Find out the necessary information about you or your organization the targets will need and have them included in the standard name card

Use Simple Layouts 

There are many conventional layouts to use when making name cards. Avoid unconventional ones as they will make you appear less professional. This may cost you deals that might have changed your life for the better. When people want to offer you an opportunity, they look at the minor things and make decisions. They are also very judgmental and that is why you do not want to give a hint of lack of professionalism with your name card. 

When the layout looks complicated, the target’s attention shifts from your details. This is the kind of distraction you want to avoid. You will simply lose a deal because of that. Simple layouts work magic as the conversion rate stays high. 

Call For Action 

This is a section most people forget. One of the things you shouldn’t miss on your card is the call for action section. This is true especially when it comes to a professional setting. A call for action will push the target to do something; either to call you or order for your goods and/or services. At the end you’d have achieved your goal. 


The best professional name cards follow simple rules. By observing the above mentioned considerations, your name card stands a chance of striking the target. With a simple and organized layout, you will have enough space to put necessary details for your recipient’s use. The call for action will do the rest. It won’t take long before you receive a call or an order. The reverse is true. If your name card lacks professionalism, you risk losing many opportunities.