So you've established your company in Singapore. The very next issue for budding entrepreneurs is whether they need a business stamp. A business stamp, also described as a rubber stamp or perhaps a business chop, usually contains essential details about the company, including the legitimate business name, license number, and contact. It's essentially a self-inking method and appears in a circular and rectangular form. 

Affirmation of papers, receipts and sales orders, financial transactions, grant proposals, and lease contracts are all popular uses of rubber stamps. 

When should you use a business stamp? However, according to Singapore Legal Advice, a business's registration number must display in descriptive format on all business correspondence, statements of accounts, receipts, formal documents, and publications published or alleging to be endorsed by the firm. 

If you register your business with certain business registration professionals, they can offer a business stamp as just an add-on benefit. You've arrived at the right if you're talking about replacing your former company chop or get a modern one. Check out below to find out the best Singapore rubber stamp maker in 2021 

Kiasu Print Pte Ltd 

Kiasu Print Pte Ltd is established by management with nearly 10 years of experience in the printing industry. With the impressive wealth of knowledge, expertise, skills and connections, Kiasu Print aims to become the most reliable one-stop solution company which assures our valued customers the best in all aspects. Quality, Affordability and even Customer Services from their initial ordering all the way until delivery! 

With Kiasu Print, customers can customize a variety of different products, based on their specific requirements using our online templates or support from our dedicated staff also known as The Kiasus

As a result, they would provide customers with nothing but the best quality services and products. They still market regular rubber stamps and handmade rubber stamps compared to it being a rubber stamp manufacturer. In conclusion, Kiasu Print places a premium on the efficiency of their stamp. They make sure that each of their rubber stamps leaves a razor-sharp effect. But other than that, they have an extensive range of ink colors, sizes, and rubber stamp types from which to choose. 

They seem to be the first company in Singapore to sell pre-inked rubber stamps and a huge assortment of amazing self ink rubber stamp, pre-inked stamp, digital stickers, wax stickers, name card, pull up banner, poster stand,common seal and many more! 

Their mission would be to provide the best quality and the nicest visual modeling as far as possible to serve their customers effectively. They are known for their immaculate service delivery and dependable quality products in everything that they do. 


Rubber stamps appear to be available in a variety of sizes, forms, and stamp designs at Kiasu Print. We have provided you with the best Singapore Rubber stamp manufacturer in 2021 for a trusted rubber stamp maker who offers self-inking and pre-inked customized stamps.