There are many online tools to manage the Social Media strategy of a company. So many that it is overwhelming since sometimes you feel lost among so many names that seem to be all the same. 

The process to achieve a success plan in Social Media is based on three pillars: quality content, a well-defined and identified target audience, and the relationship strategy with your followers. 


Content is still king when it comes to Social Media, so finding relevant and quality content is our first step to building a community. 

Feedly is a tool with a free version that allows us to identify new content in the sector that we specify easily and intuitively. It will enable you to organize the content by folders, adding to these different sources of information according to a theme, showing all the news and new content in the sector.

It also shows the number of "shares" that the publication is having, so guessing which content may have a more significant interaction becomes easier. Thus, allowing you to know how ur business logo design image reputation is like.

Ultimately, Feedly is a personalized magazine rack, which will be updated only to show us the most important news and content in the sector, indicating its relevance around the "shares" and eliminating the content already used. 


Do we already have content? Now it's time to publish it. With Buffer, we can manage all the content posted thanks to its simple interface and its extension in Google Chrome quickly. 

It allows us to schedule a publication schedule so that you will only have to worry about writing the publication for different Social Media platforms.

We can decide on the same screen whether to publish it at the moment, put it next in the publication queue or specify another time to post. 

This will allow you to spend more time on your follower relationship strategy and ensure continuous content throughout the day without having to be connected at all times. 

In a short time, you can schedule all the publications of a day, and it also gives you feedback on how many comments, retweets and clicks your publications have received!

It is very intuitive for those who start against more complex platforms such as Hootsuite.