Fonts are expensive. Sometimes even so expensive that you can spend between $20.00 and $500.00 per typeface to acquire the rights of use for various media and channels. This little article will show you on which site you can get free and commercially usable fonts. And all of this without worrying about license terms. 

#1 Google Fonts 

One or the other has probably already thought: This is about Google Fonts - a service for searching for fonts. A complete font database; all commercially freely usable and free to download. If you can overlook the 1-2 disadvantages personally, this website offers the perfect solution to find an appealing font without worrying quickly. 

Let's start with the advantages. At the time this article was published, Google Fonts had 992 font families listed. Three families have more than three different font styles (Bold, Light, etc.).  

Besides, there is simple search and sorting. It is possible to search for categories and available languages ​​and specify styles, such as the font thickness or the number of font styles.  

Also, some variable fonts are now available. These are particularly exciting because they do not have a classic, predefined thickness but can be individually adapted. Besides, an example sentence or word can, of course, be defined so that it is displayed in any font.  

Just see for yourself and try it out: The blog is also often worth a look: 

Google Font Disadvantages: 

Google Fonts is not an insider tip. Numerous graphic & web designers and companies worldwide use this source. A font such as Open Sans or Roboto can be found everywhere. If a company uses a corresponding font for a logo, the individuality and recognition value are lost. The best example of this is NETFLIX. Corporations or large companies usually have their in-house fonts. Fonts that are subject to a fee, such as those available on, are therefore better suited for the corporate identity of companies - if the appropriate budget is available.  

2. Although it is convenient to include the fonts from the Google servers on your website, it does not comply with the legal basis of the GDPR since user data is transmitted to Google without being asked. However, this can be prevented by hosting and integrating the fonts on your own server. 

#2 Font Squirrel 

Another website is, which offers creatives an assortment of free, commercially usable fonts. But not only font designers make their fonts available free of charge on platforms.  

Corporations such as Google, Adobe, or Mozilla are also generous with their copyrights. For example, the Source Sans Pro font families from Adobe and Fira Sans from Mozilla are professionally developed and have a wide range of weights and glyphs. 

To be on the safe side, you should always check the license terms before using a font from the web. For example, certain license types (keyword Creative Commons) means that the font designer must be mentioned in the project. This applies especially to font directories such as, which have specialized in free fonts but focus on "personal use," which is non-commercial.