Types of BOPP 

Of course, this kind of material is inexpensive, unlike other plastics, due to its manufacturing process; for this reason, there are only two different types of BOPP in the world. 

Clear BOPP: also known as Clear BOPP, this type of plastic is popular for the high levels of transparency it possesses. Clear BOPP is ideal for creating transparent stickers that can go on glass surfaces such as bottles or windows. 

White BOPP: this kind of material is the most common for creating stickers with white backgrounds. This version of BOPP is ideal for creating stickers that can be useful for beauty or health products. Also, this type of material can come into contact with water or oils and still not lose its adhesion. 

It is important to mention that this kind of plastic is very safe chemically. That is to say, it does not have any toxic component that could harm the health of people or any other living being. This is another reason why the high-quality sticker printing created from BOPP are also used to label food or products for human use. 

Why is BOPP Better Than Other Materials? 

This kind of material is not only more resistant, durable, or flexible, but it is also recyclable. BOPP can be reused almost unlimitedly to create stickers or any other kind of adhesive product. 

Although it is not a relatively inexpensive material, there are still materials on the market that are more expensive than BOPP. For sticker printing, this can be advantageous, because production costs can be reduced and at the same time the quality of the stickers can be improved.