Printing a business/name card at home is pretty cost-effective. It also helps to save time and energy. You don't have to go to a printing shop and spend a lot of time there to do that, especially when you aren't printing in large quantities. There are several ways you can print a business card at home, and I would be sharing the top 3 DIY ways to do that.  

The first thing you have to do to print a business card is: 

1.    Have Your Design Idea 

You need to know what colors you should use for your design. Your colors should be in line with the color in the brand logo design, your websites, and brochures. You also have to decide what should be on your card. You can insert your name (brand name), email address, contact address, logo, and perhaps brand motto if you have one. Keep in mind that the name card printing size would be negligible. You don't want to overload the card with information. So, please keep it simple and enticing. They should be simple enough that they wouldn't have a problem reading it and enticing enough that the card won't be added to their pile of trash after reading it. Please give them a reason to hold on to it but make it as few a reason as possible. In other words, be brief but captivating. You might also want to print on both sides to put adequate info on it. 

2. Get Name Card Sheets 

This depends on the sheet type you want. You can get various sheet types with different colors and finish options. There are different templates on multiple platforms. The template you intend to use should match your layout to avoid mistakes.