3.Purchase Business Card Paper 

There are several things to consider when purchasing a name card paper. It would help if you looked out for: The size, color, and thickness of the paper, the finish of the paper, and the printer that can work on that paper or if the paper can be printed on both sides. The paper layout should match your designed template. 

4.Printing The Name Card 

Now you have created your name card; you should print it. Printing could require a lot of ink, and there might be mistakes in the first trial, so it is advisable to print a test card first and see how it is so you can then improve on your printing and correct your mistakes. Name card printing in the comfort of your home is relatively easy as long as you follow the printer's instructions and the templates.  

After printing on your test name card printing, set your printer to the highest quality, make sure your templates are in order, insert the card sheet and then print. If you're printing on both sides, then start by printing on one side. Make sure the printout is good before you continue in order not to waste ink and time. After printing, allow your cards to dry out to prevent staining or overflow of ink. 

Printing a name card at home has been made easy. Why don't you try it too.