In this life everything has a personality and a distinctive touch. From people and animals, to inanimate objects like the furniture in your house. There are even people and things whose personality is to have no personality (crazy, right?).  

Personality is present in everything and never goes unnoticed as it moves us towards social groups whose own personalities are similar to ours, complement it or resonate with it. 

What does all this have to do with your brand or business, you may ask. Well, it has everything to do with the fact that a genuine, engaging and consistent personality will foster brand recognition and at the same time resonate with your ideal audience, creating a valuable community for all parties involved.   

Are you starting to see the importance of bringing life and character to your brand? Read on and you will find some tips you can apply to make your business personality speak for itself and leave a good impression on your visitors, potential customers and paying customers.

Think about your target group

Perhaps the most important thing when launching your brand or business, besides having a truly valuable proposal, is to identify your target group. This can guide you in defining how your brand speaks and looks so that it is captivating when it comes into contact with the audience that will benefit the most from your product or service.  

It is important that you think about the words your target group would use, as well as their tastes, preferences, desires, values and much more. Remember that the more information you have about this select group of individuals, the better results your business will have.  

Tailor all your communications to this target group  

Once you have determined who your target group is, it's time to sit down and give your project a voice. What does it sound like? What words does it use? Does it speak in a formal and distant tone or is it friendly and trusting?  

These questions are important because they will help you standardize how your brand expresses itself, no matter if it's in the captions of your Instagram posts or on your landing page, you will always sound the same and your audience will know how to identify that characteristic tone.  

During this step it's often beneficial to collect all the ideas, signal words and other characteristics of your brand tone in a document that can be read and understood by everyone on your team, from marketing directors to community managers. This ensures that, no matter who is behind the keyboard, your brand will not fail to sound the way it sounds, the way your audience recognizes and loves it.  

Maintain a consistent and coherent visual identity  

Of course, your brand's personality isn't just about tone, it's also about its visual appearance. It must be attractive and consistent. It is very important that the color palette and fonts you choose remain constant over time because we want to build and promote the recognition of your brand regardless of the social network or media where it is.   

You are allowed to play with color palettes during specific dates (Halloween, for example). But we repeat that it is vital that the visual identity remains constant over time!   

Imagine that one day you come back home and someone has painted the walls in colors you don't like, moved the furniture and changed the color of the lights... Surely that place will no longer feel like home and you will want to run away from it. The same happens with your audience when your visual presence is no longer constant, they stop feeling at home.   

Those are some considerations to take into account when it comes to infusing your brand with personality. Keep them in mind and make sure your entire team is aware of them so that the entire company speaks with one voice.  

It is not a job that should be taken lightly as first impressions are hard to erase and we are sure you want to make the best possible impression on your target group.