Communication Strategies To Stand Out From The Competition 

Do you know how many different manufacturers of ballpoint pens there are?

Markets with hundreds of different providers of similar products are nothing unusual in B2C marketing, but they make it extremely difficult for the end customer to differentiate between them. The result is often insufficient customer loyalty. 

Therefore, the communication strategy in B2C marketing must be designed to stand out or differentiate yourself from the competition.

For example, branding can be carried out through intensive advertising measures in mass media such as TV, flyer printing, or the Internet to stand out from the competition through higher brand awareness.  

The more emotional and memorable an advertisement, the greater the branding effect. However, it is also essential that the communication policy - just like all other instruments in B2C marketing - is geared towards the corporate strategy.  

You can only afford expensive advertising measures if you either have a very high-margin offer (e.g., a quality leader) or can achieve substantial sales (e.g., as a cost leader).