Branding Types to Get The Success That You Want


Perhaps you have heard about the importance of branding and how it can greatly benefit your business. Now, to further enrich yourself with the knowledge of branding, let's get to know the several different types of branding that are used in the marketing world these days.

Perhaps, these Singapore branding strategies are more suitable for your business or company.


1. Product Branding

Product branding is probably one of the most important ones, which many industries use.

Product branding, as the name suggests, is the effort of putting a product out there and make it distinguishable from the competitor. Usually, this includes the making of the logo, packaging, and other elements involved in it.


2. Personal Branding

Personal branding is not exactly used in a corporation. Branding can also help us market ourselves in the business world. This is particularly critical for professionals, particularly politicians, celebrities, and other public figures.  This is intended to maintain a positive public image.


People will be persuaded and trust the person due to positive personal branding. You may use personal branding to help you find work, for example. Recruiters are more likely to be involved in recruiting you if you create a certain reputation of yourself as a competent individual, for example on LinkedIn compared to if you do not have a good personal branding there.


3. Corporate Branding

Businesses must therefore have a positive image in order to win confidence from clients, business partners, creditors, and shareholders. Building a positive image of an organization's offerings, merchandise, business ethos, and social responsibility is part of corporate branding.


That is why corporate public relations' role is critical to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Even if it does, they can handle the way of recovering the image with proper ethics.


4. Geographical Branding

Geographical branding is related to products or services that are exclusive to a particular area, such as tourism. It is critical to brand the place in order to entice tourists to visit. The food, key attractions, and other tourist hotspots are normally included in the branding process.


5. Co-branding

Co-branding is a marketing strategy that involves two or more businesses. This is essentially a collaboration between the parties involved in order to raise the market value and maximize earnings. When a company wants to enter a new market, this is also one of the strategies that can be used.


6. Retail Branding

Retail branding is a strategy used by retailers to pique people's curiosity in making a purchase of their product. Ultimately,  the aim is to make more money and to outperform the competition in the industry. This type of branding usually involves a large amount of money and is used by big businesses. They strive to create a distinct brand picture that is appealing to consumers and to outperform their competitors. Since this is such a grand project, retail branding requires meticulous strategic preparation to ensure its feasibility and performance.


Quite interesting how there are so many different types of branding, isn't it? Always think about which one is the most suitable for your current situation as well as the company needs to go with the right strategy.