Over the years, people have constantly confused marketing with branding and vice versa. However, they are very close and similar in actics and operation. They not entirely the same. To fully grasp the two concepts and probably state the differences, we need to sift through each of them. That is what this piece is all about. 

First, one must understand that both marketing and branding are both business terms and processes required for a successful business. Let's understand what each of them stands for. Marketing encompasses all that you do to actively promote the products and services of a company to people who are able and willing to purchase them.

It involves plans, activities, strategies, and engagements with the target to increase sales. On the other hand, branding encompasses all you do to showcase your business, what it stands for and how unique it is. It is all about creating an image and banner printing for your business in the minds of people. Branding requires many strategies, planning, and activities to ensure the company remains unforgettable and synonymous with something it stands for. 

To put this in an understandable yarn, you will discover from the definition that marketing focuses on increasing the sales of the products and services. So, everything is done to find the right market, make the product or service visible to them and probably give them a bait to facilitate their interest in purchasing the goods. For branding, the focus is a bit different, although it will still influence sales. The focus is on the image of the business and its acceptability. The focus is also on the ease with which one can remember it in the niche. In a way, marketing is the end, while branding is the means to the end.