Also, you can see that marketing focuses on the products or services. Everything done in marketing is about making the products or services acceptable to the target market to initiate sales.

Branding focuses more on the entire business and its visibility. Branding wants to make it easy for people to think of a particular business first when they need services in the industry they represent. The touch of branding is in all business parts, including the products, designs, staff, office, company stamp, adverts, etc. Think of branding as a general and broad part while marketing as a small unit of the overall features. 

Although branding and marketing often go together, in fact, branding comes first. When the branding is done well, marketing will have an effortless impact in achieving sales targets, but if branding is done poorly or neglected as most businesses do, marketing may yield little or no results. As a result, you cannot market a product you have not designed, and product design is part of branding. Even the choice of business logo, color, product package, etc., are all part of branding. So, it is branding first before marketing comes in if you want to achieve outstanding sales results.