Have you ever wondered how to break phone addiction? It's surprisingly easy to become addicted to using cell phones. Everyone seems to have their own. Even teenagers have been known to get one for just the fun of talking with new friends. 

The iPhone was introduced to the world as a revolution in the information age. It allowed people to access the internet in a way that was never done before. Everyone wanted this new device.

Many wished to download applications to make their phones do even more than they already did. Others wanted to simply own this amazing gadget. To do all this, they needed constant access to cell phone services. 

The information age changed our daily lives forever. Everyone was suddenly able to check their email, find information, and take pictures, all within a matter of seconds. Some even decided to get more gadgets, like Android smartphones. 

Then the companies that made these new phones entered the Silicon Valley business realm. These companies wanted to make a name for themselves in the technology world. They wanted to create the perfect smartphone. In an effort to do this, they created Android as a sub-division of Google. This was the company that would make the most unique and groundbreaking smartphones of all time. 

When the first of these "phones" hit the market, there were no buttons. There were no menus or icons. People could simply use their fingers to operate their new phones. This was the beginning of a long relationship between the Silicon Valley vision for the future and the people who use the phones. 

Over time, more of these Apps were developed for each phone type, such as Samsung, LG, Huawei, etc. Eventually, every kind of phone came with its own version of Android.

Even now, with the exception of the old models, you can find a large number of useful apps for just about any type of phone. Even if you don't use any one of these apps, you have probably downloaded at least one social networking or messaging app on your phone. 

Boom In Smartphone Market 

One of the biggest reasons why so many people continue to be addicted to their phones is that the device makers refuse to eliminate them from the marketplace. Marketers want to sell these devices because the shelf life is much longer than most consumer goods.

The addiction is so strong because the device makers do not see these as actual needs. Instead, they see these as untapped profits. But true smartphone addicts realize that they need to connect every day much greater than the need to view the video or check their Facebook status constantly. 


When it comes to fighting addiction, it begins by realizing that there is a need to increase self-awareness. The current smartphone addiction paradigm encourages people to connect with their phones in ways that are counterproductive to their real-life needs.

True smartphone addicts recognize that connecting with the device is an integral part of staying connected. If you have an addiction problem, take a few moments to review the self-awareness process and how you can use your phone for productivity instead. 

Lower Your Screen Time 

The next thing that you should do is to decrease your daily screen time. Most experts agree that the average American uses more than six hours of playing games on their smartphones. If you are addicted to smartphones, decreasing the amount of time you spend using this device in your hand can significantly change your ability to fight off cravings. 

Take Help From An Online Community 

Consider connecting an online community to your social media accounts. By joining an online community, you can connect with peers who are experiencing similar addiction issues and find solutions to the problems you're facing. If you are truly serious about overcoming your phone or gadget addiction, consider the tips presented in this article. 

Following these suggestions is only the beginning. It would help if you committed to reducing the amount of time you use your phone each day. It would be best if you also committed to modifying your daily lives to accommodate your addiction. To help you along the way, look into tools that will allow you to break the habit of constantly using a gadget.