Want to create brand or logo stickers, marketing stickers, packaging stickers, or maybe decoration stickers?  

Wait! Before you dive into the process of making the sticker, especially before you print your design into the "actual" sticker, you need to know how important it is to choose the best material for it. Why? Because that will determine many things including the durability of your sticker. 

So, before you print your stickers at printing service such as sticker printing Singapore, it matters for you to know how to choose the right material for your sticker. Hence, we have a brief guide that you can try to help you determine the right material. Let's figure out some of them below!  

1. Where Do You Want to Place Your Sticker? 

So, the first tip is that you need to ask yourself where you want to put your sticker. Why? Because there are various kinds of sticker materials. Some of them are good for indoor use, and the rest of them are suitable for outdoor use. Therefore, before you print or even make your stickers, knowing where your stickers will be placed is definitely essential. Here are some recommended sticker materials for indoor and outdoor environments.  

  • Indoor (Non-Tearproof and Non-Waterproof): Mirrorkote, WoodFree Sticker, Kraft Sticker. 
  • Outdoor (Tearproof and Waterproof): Matt White PP Sticker, Gloss White PP Sticker, Transparent Sticker. 

2. Do You Want to Write on It? 

Some of you may want to write on your stickers. But not all sticker materials can be written. Because of that, you need to make sure whether you want to make writable stickers or not before you print your stickers. If you want to make writable stickers, here are some recommended materials for you! 

  • Sticker materials that can be written on: Mirrorkote Sticker, Matt White PP Sticker, WoodFree Sticker, Gloss White PP Sticker, Kraft Sticker.  

3. Which One Do You Prefer, Matte or Glossy? 

Each sticker material has a different surface and look. Some of them have a glossy appearance and others have matte look. So, to determine the best material for your stickers, you need to identify first what kind of look and surface that will be perfect for the sticker. Once you know exactly want to want for your stickers, here are some of the recommended materials for you.  

  • Matte: Matt White PP Sticker, WoodFree Sticker, Kraft Sticker.  
  • Glossy: Mirrorkote Sticker, Gloss White PP Sticker. 

4. Want to Make Something Different with Your Sticker? 

If you are thinking about making different stickers, then you might need to know a few unique sticker materials that you may want to use for your sticker! So, here are some of them!  

  • Sticker material with the transparent surface: Transparent Sticker 
  • Brown material with an eco-friendly look: Kraft Sticker 

5. How Much Is Your Budget Allocation for Making Stickers? 

The last, to choose the best material for your sticker, you need to know how much your budget allocation for it. Each sticker material is available at a different price. Hence, you need to identify your budget first. Today, Mirrorkote Sticker and WoodFree Sticker are two of the popular and affordable stickers that frequently chosen by people.