So, you want more people to come to your school event, but you are still deciding which advertising medium you are going to use ? worry not, hopefully by the end of this article you are convinced to use a brochure to advertise your event! 

I hear you asking “Brochure ? in 2021 ? Who still uses them these days ?” Well to answer your question, quite a lot actually, due to its medium, brochures can be easily targeted to a specific audience, for example, if you want to promote a skincare product, you might put your brochure advertising your product in a salon or a skin clinic, therefore maximising potential customer or another example if you want to advertise your tourist attraction sites in Singapore, you can put them in hotels, Changi airport or in a hawker centre. 

Hence, that’s why brochure is the perfect advertising medium to advertise you schools event, you could have a maximum potential audience, you could put the brochures in the reception office so parents can pick them up when they pick up their child from school, another place to place your brochure is at the student council office or even in the bathrooms. Yes, we know it is a peculiar place to put your brochures on, but the bathroom is the only place guaranteed people would go to, therefore maximising your potential audience.