You have to admit it, you cannot escape them, and for a good reason. You see them in airports, hotels, and of course, tourist centre. We are already living in the digital age, so why do the tourism industry still stick to the good old brochure when they can use digital advertising ? 

But before we answer that question, what is a travel brochure ? Well, it is a brochure that advertises specifically towards holiday-related things, usually about destinations, hotels, tours, vacation packages, or restaurants. Usually made by those who provide travel and tourism-related services to the public, including companies, tour guides., hoteliers, and sometimes the government to boost the local economy. 

To answer the previous question, simply put, brochures are more reliable than any other advertising medium. Based on the research done by Bentley University in 2018 concluded that,  

  • On average, 79% of visitors picked up a brochure. 
  • Printed brochures are the next most popular source of information for trip planners with a usage rate of 52%, second to searching the web. 
  • 85% of visitors became aware of an attraction or business as a result of picking up a brochure 
  • 61% of visitors planned to purchase tickets or merchandise they learned about from a brochure 
  • 73% of visitors would consider altering their plans because of a brochure