Statistic aside, a brochure is also a great medium to advertise because it is compact therefore can be taken everywhere, a tourist who does journaling may also take a brochure to put it on their travel journal as a reminder or a gift, not only that, sometimes when you are travelling in a more desolate area, there won’t be any signal for your smartphone, a brochure that has a map in it could be the only way to help lost tourists. 

If you are still not convinced enough, a brochure is the most cost-friendly advertising medium out there, and also a brochure can maximise your target audience with the placement of the brochure, so it will not be a waste of your money because you will reach 100% of your potential customer.  

We hope by this point you understand why brochure is the key on the tourism industry. With the growing competition in the Singaporean tourism industry, your company’s brochure should be able to stand out from the rest, but with the right printing company, they can print your brochure with perfect quality at a reasonable price.