When we think of a brochure, we would always think of advertising a product or a service, but a brochure can also be used to inform people about something. When you visit a tourist attraction, they would always have a brochure explaining the attraction in more than one language, as if the brochure is their tour guide giving them the information without the need for extra tour guides to explain the attraction to each tourist. 

Not only that, but a brochure can also be used to teach about awareness of a disease, reminding people to get their yearly flu vaccines or even about mental health awareness. This type of brochure is commonly found in clinics and hospitals. It might contain information about signs of a disease or ways to seek help from medical professionals. This type of brochures are not only for patients but also for the healthcare workers because after all we are all humans and we need to understand better about our body and our mind. 

This type of brochure can also be found in a school’s guidance counsellor office, there you will found some brochure regarding anti-bullying programs, how to take care of your mental health, etc. Readers can read it at their own pace and won’t be overwhelmed with the amount of information a person would usually explain to them at once. 

As you can see, a brochure is not only intended as an advertising medium, it can also be used to teach people the importance of life. So, what are you waiting for ? Go print that brochure ! You will never know how a brochure might save someone else’s life