A business card or some people call it a name card is a small card containing information about an individual or company. Usually, this card is shared at the first meeting or introduction. But, do we really need it?  

Yes, we do need it! Here are a few reasons why we need to use business cards! 

1. Business Cards Are Needed to Create a Good impression!  

There is a saying that you will only have one chance to create a first impression. That is the reason why the first impression is crucial whether for professional and business. For professionals, having a good first impression can help them to open up new opportunities. But for business, having a great impression can determine what their potential customers will do next. So, what can we do to make a good first impression?  

There are actually a lot of ways to make a good impression in the very first time, including by using business card Singapore. As we mentioned before that business cards are usually shared at the first meeting, this can be a way to create a great impression of you as a professional or your business as a brand. 

2. It Helps to Inform Contact Details 

Maybe some of you are wondering, why don't we just directly ask people about their contact instead of giving them business cards?  

Yes, we live in a digital age when more and more things are turning into digital form. But, the printed business card still keeps its existence and last forever. Why? Because it is easier to give your contact details in a short of time using a business card instead of typing on your phone and asking people about their name or contact details.  

3. It Is Part of the Culture 

Did you know that in some countries, business cards are part of their culture? For instance, in Japan, people use business cards as a way of formally introducing themselves, and any business or projects won't begin until the business cards are exchanged. Besides, in India, business cards are even used in non-business situations. That is why if you have a business or professional event in different countries where business cards are part of their culture, there is no excuse for not having your card with you!  

 4. Show Your Work or Business! 

Another thing why the business card is needed because it can be a way to show your work or business to others. For professionals, they give the card to others to access their previous works, projects, or portfolios. But for business, the card can help them to show off their offer and business to their potential customers. Usually, to show their work or business, people add their official website address, social media, and QR code on their business card. 

 5. Networking 

If you think about networking, especially for business or professional purposes, then having a business card is a must for you! Actually, business cards are known as a tool to help people create and enlarge their network.  

Usually, the card will be exchanged as a form of formal introduction and it helps people to know you as a professional or your business as a brand. Then, as soon as people want to get in touch with you while having a business or project, of course, the card will help them to reach you!