The Basic of Business Card Paper Material   

2. Paper Finishes 

Paper finish refers to the surface or texture of a sheet of paper or cardstock. The finish affects the printability and absorbency of ink printed on the paper. Not only that, but the paper finish also affects the look and the overall feel of a sheet of paper. 

There are several papers finishes available in the world. The most common ones are dull finish, matte finish, and glossy finish.  

  • Matte finish 
    Matte finish is a non-glossy finish that will make your card look more elegant with a little sheen. Matte finish has low absorbency that keeps the ink from being too absorbed by the paper that produces vibrant colour. 
  • Glossy finish 
    The glossy finish is the opposite of the matte finish. This finish has a high sheen and lower absorbency than a matte finish that makes this finish presents better image quality. It is also water-resistant. However, it is less opaque than a matte finish and dull finish. 
  • Dull finish 
    Similar to a matte finish, a dull finish has a little sheen (low in gloss). However, it can produce a more vibrant colour than a matte finish, making it somewhat fall between matte and glossy paper finish.   

Of course, you can also opt for an uncoated paper that requires no extra layer of finishes. Choose whichever paper material and finish that suits your preferences for your Singapore business card!