The Back: 

Avoid leaving the business card's "other" hand blank. It can be used for branding (company name and logo), QR code placement, and so on. You're only bound by your creativity when it comes to what you can do about it. However, avoid providing too much detail. Restaurant operators, for example, do not print their menu on the back.  

Special Shapes: 

You are not required to use the traditional rectangular form. A well-executed use of custom shapes often creates an indelible mark. And minor features, such as rounded corners, will make your business card design stand out. You can add value to your card by using imaginative shapes. If you run a music shop, you will get your business cards modeled like musical instruments. You may also experiment with folding cards, take-out cards, coaster-sized cards, and so on.  


Embossing a good business card will add a lot of clarity. We're not just here about the emails. Instead of printing the business logo, you can make designs or emboss it. This is another area where you can be imaginative and do new things. Only keep in mind that the embossed pattern must be established. If you go too far, your business card would resemble crumpled paper.  


The business card's finish is important. If the style is appropriate, shiny printed cards look tacky. The majority of the cards have a matte finish and smooth lettering. For exclusive designs, you can use specific finishes that imitate other materials.  


A non-standard material catches the eye right away. It also helps if you can choose content that is meaningful to your business. There are more kinds of paper than you can believe. Furthermore, you are not required to use paper. To make their cards stand out, many companies use substitute materials such as aluminium, rubber, and even ceramic-infused paper (yes, it exists).  

Finally, keep in mind that a great template necessitates a great printing facility. The card you will get from a low-quality printer will cause you to lose so many clients that any small savings you create will be lost. When you choose a high-quality business card design service, you should be sure to make a good first impression.