Today, a business card is something that must be owned by a company or professional. But have you ever wondered why a business card is important and needed? What is so special about the card that makes professional and business should have it?  

To find out what makes businesses and professionals need to invest in owning their Singapore business card, let's take a look at some of the reasons below! 

1. First Impression Matter 

So, the first thing you should know why a business card can be so important to have is because it can be a tool that creates an impression about you or your business from someone else's perspective. In business, the first impression can determine what the audience will do next with the business. Will they want to make a purchase or know more about the business? But, for professional, a first impression will form the way people see and treat you. So, because of the importance of the first impression is, more and more professionals and businesses still choose to use the card and doing their best to create a great first impression through it! 

2. Business Cards Help You Exchange Information Quickly! 

Maybe some of you are wondering why even though we live in the digital age, printed business cards are still popularly used. The answer is because people can exchange their contact details faster using printed business cards than asking other people about their contacts and saving them on the phone. Can you imagine if you meet a potential investor in a very short time and you have to ask them about their contact details? They may not have the time to wait for you to type on your phone to save their contact. Because of that, printed business cards are still popular now because you can exchange and give them only in a jiffy! 

3. It Is the Key to Connecting with People Digitally! 

We talked earlier that a printed business card can be a faster way of exchanging or sharing contact details. But there is another good thing about it! A printed business card can be an initial step to connecting with people in the digital world. So, once you give your card to others, you will probably connect with them on LinkedIn, Instagram, or email soon. That is why you have to think twice that printed business card is only for old-schoolers because the information that you put on the card can be a way to connecting with people digitally.  

4. Culture 

In some countries, a business card is a must and not just an option. Why? That's because business cards are part of their culture. For instance, in Japan, since a business card is part of their culture, you need to exchange it at the beginning of the meeting as a way to formally introduce yourself. Actually, once you exchange your card with another, that indicate the beginning of a relationship. Moreover, in Japan, no business will begin until you exchange your card. So, once you have a professional or business meeting in a country where business cards are part of their culture, there is no excuse for not taking your card there!