4. Creative Business Cards are Exchanged, Allowing You to Sell Indefinitely.  

A business card is a tangible item that a prospective prospect takes with them during a meeting. They remember your brand.  

If you visit a prospect and share email addresses and phone numbers, you both walk away with another touch on your cell phone. If you give someone a clever business card that makes a good impact, that person is likely to present it to others, putting you and your brand in front of more prospects.  

5. Business Cards Demonstrate That You Are Well-Prepared.  

Have you ever seen someone write their phone number on a cocktail napkin and hand it to you? What about someone who has a phone with a dead battery? It's not the politest way to go through things.  

Who would you like to do business with if you knew two people, one of whom was struggling to find a pen and paper to write on, and the other who actually took out a personal business card printing? Being prepared at all levels is a perfect sign that you are a professional.  

Not to worry. Conversations will have to finish with, "Let me give you my business card," at least for a little while longer.