Be sure to include your company's contact information on your card. If you have offices branched out in different locations, avoid using the main headquarters address.

Instead, opt for an office address that is nearer to the audience you are targeting. It's imperative that your potential clients know what contact you have with them. You can also use your postal address or a registered mailing address wherever possible.

In addition to the contact information, always include your business hours in your card. This way, your clients won't disturb you during your free time or when you are with friends and family. 

The most common mistake many people make when creating business name cards is producing way too many. Many businesses mistakenly believe that more printing is always better.

Not every individual who has your business name card will be interested in contacting you, and it will only go to waste.

If your business is just starting, only create a few hundred and gradually increase that number as your company grows.

You can also check the analytical data on how the people you handed out your name cards have actually responded.

This way, you can constantly adjust the numbers on the next printing of your business name cards. 

Always remember to keep enough name cards to meet the needs of your clients. In the end, your clients will thank you for making all the effort to provide them with quality business card