Print on demand (POD) refers to a type of e-commerce where someone team up with a supplier to customize a product based on the order they received. The customized products ranging from books to household appliances. Supplier handles almost everything in regards to the production, while the business owner focuses on the custom design and the product marketing. This is a growing business and shows no stagnancy for at least several years to come. 

Print on demand is in high demand due to the increase of small to medium business enterprises as well as the surge of creative business models. The benefits of print on demand also attract amateur entrepreneurs to venture into this business to sell customized white-label products. 

One of the ultimate benefits of a print-on-demand business is you don’t have to pay for the product until you have actually sold it. It means you don’t need to buy a product you want to resell in large quantity. This also means you don’t need to have big storage to store your inventory. 

Other benefits of print on demand are: 

  • You can test a new business idea without a huge risk of buying in bulk and building storage. It would lower your monetary loss if your idea failed. 
  • You can focus on creating a product design and building your customer base. When you build a conventional business line, you certainly need to get involved in its production and other technical parts. But it’s not the case in print on demand because your supplier will take care of the rest. 
  • You can easily create original products with several kinds of items. If you use a print-on-demand service, you can create unique products as long as your supplier has the white-label products in store. White label products refer to semi-finished products that have no identity or design to them yet. So, your role is to utilize these products by creating your own design and sell the product.