There are many white-label products that are readily available in most of theprint on demand business, which are: 

1. T-Shirts 

Customized t-shirt is still an industry worth investing in. People always get themselves into new organizations, events, campaigns, and many others. And they often feel the need to own specific t-shirts to commemorate those moments. New event? New custom t-shirt. New organization? New custom t-shirt. That’s why most print-on-demand business usually offers white-label t-shirt you can utilize. 

2. Books 

It’s commonly known that mainstream book publisher has a high standard when it comes to publishing a book. They also tend to produce books in large quantities. However, if you are an independent writer who wants to publish your book independently without having to meet mainstream publisher’s criteria, then print-on-demand business is your solution. You can print as many books as you want with print on demand. You just have to think about how to market those books. This print-on-demand service is also beneficial for independent publishers that usually focus on book marketing. 

3. Phone Cases 

Many people want a piece of themselves to be plastered on their items, and that’s totally awesome. And this desire manifests itself through many customized items, including phone cases. Since phone case is seen as something personal, many prints on-demand businesses accept a single phone case order from their customer. 

4. Bags  

Bags complete your looks in a way that other accessories could not. The popular type of bag to customize is a tote bag. Besides its function, a tote bag is also loved by people because of its ‘renewable’ and environmentally-friendly attributes.